Prepare your child for 11+ success!

My name is Graham John. I have been tutoring pupils since  2003, providing comprehensive tutoring in maths and English for pupils seeking a place at one of the girls' or boys' Grammar Schools in Plymouth.

Since it was set up in 2003, I have successfully tutored many children in the Plymouth, Torbay and Tavistock areas. I tutor pupils regardless of their initial Levels in Primary School Maths and English in the belief that confidence building and clear explanation boost performance. 

11+ Tuition <link>

Tuition takes place on an individual basis or in groups of three to five. Lessons are weekly, last one hour and take place in the pupil's own home.

The main teaching emphasis is on:

Maths - basic arithmetic, fractions, decimals and percentages, simple geometry and algebra

English - comprehension, grammar, spelling and punctuation

English composition - handwriting, accuracy, structure and style


This is set weekly and I regularly informed parents of their child's progress.

If I feel that a child may not be of the necessary level, I let parents know as soon as possible so that they have an informed as to whether they feel the Eleven Plus exam is the right route for their child

For further details, please, use the contact forms or telephone numbers on this site

Pupil Comment

"Since I have been at Plymouth High School for girls I have enjoyed myself so much and made so many friends. I cannot imagine myself anywhere else."