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As a general rule, I take pupils on in the summer term of Year 4 or in September of Year 5, since the mock 11+ examination (Plymouth) is in the Summer Term of Year 5 and the 11+ exam itself in the following September of Year 6.

To be fairly sure of achieving a place at Grammar School, pupils should be on the threshold of  Level 4 by the end of Year 4. However, I do not make this requirement before I take pupils on. 

In large classes, often the case in Primary Schools, pupils may not receive much personal help from the class teacher.  One-to-one personal tuition therefore has obvious advantages.

If there is any doubt in my mind about a pupil's achieving the required level by the time they take the 11+ examination, I try to make this plain as soon as possible.


Arrangements for the 11+ examination constantly change. It is important, therefore, to check school websites regularly to find out about current arrangements or to ring the school.

If a mock 11+ test is available, I would advise all pupils to take this.


Colyton Grammar School, Colyford (mixed)


Devonport High School for Boys, Plymouth (boys)
Devonport High School for Girls, Plymouth (girls)
Plymouth High School for Girls, Plymouth (girls)


Churston Ferrers Grammar School, Galmpton (mixed)
Torquay Boys' Grammar School, Torquay (boys)
Torquay Grammar School for Girls, Torquay (girls)

Details of arrangements for the 11+ examination in Plymouth can be found on the Plymouth City Council website by visiting the following links:

Secondary school admissions for entry in September 2013

Arrangements for 2014

Alternatively telephone the Admissions Team directly on 01752 307470.

As a tutor I believe in helping a pupils to gain the skills and.confidence to understand problems and solve them independently.
Graham John, M.A.