11+ Tutoring Plymouth will be staging trial 11+ examinations on two Saturday mornings in March and May of 2014 in the Reading Room of Plymouth Central Library.

There are places for a maximum of 25 pupils in each session. You are advised, therefore, to make your booking in good time.

The dates are as follows:

MARCH 2014 (First session):

                    22nd March 2014,  9.15am - 12.00 noon (Familiarisation and English Composition)

                      29th March 2014,  9.15am - 12.00 noon (Multiple choice Maths and English)

MAY 2014 (Second session):

                   24th May 2014,  9.15am - 12.00 noon (Familiarisation and English Composition)

                   31st May 2014,   9.15am - 12.00 noon (Multiple choice Maths and English)

All examination papers are produced by 11+ Tutoring Plymouth and will reflect as closely as possible the type of questions pupils are likely to see in the 11+ examinations. The questions will, therefore, be new to pupils taking the mock examination. Within two weeks of completion of each test series, parents will receive notification of the raw aggregate percentage mark achieved by all pupils on each test component as well as individual results in the Multiple Choice papers and full comments on the standard of the English composition piece.

A satisfactory mark in English composition is a qualifying condition for boys wishing to get a place at Devonport High School for Boys. Please, note that this task is NOT covered in the mock examinations offered by Plymouth Grammar Schools prior to the final 11+ exam in September.

The cost for a single session (March or May) is £45.00 per child. If you enter your child for both sessions, a reduced fee of £75.00 is applicable.

REGISTRATION (link to registration page)