The 11+ exam takes place at local Grammar Schools in the last two weeks of September in Year 6. Boys and girls sit exams in English and maths, spread out over two consecutive Saturdays.
There are three papers plus a familiarisation test:

1) Multiple choice English. Typically this consists of one or more comprehension passages followed by tests of vocabulary, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

2) Multiple choice maths. Questions are graded in difficulty so that all children will be able to answer at least some questions. Children need a good grasp of basic arithmetic as well as an understanding of fractions, percentages and decimals. 

3) English composition is a broad topic. However, children should demonstrate an ability to produce at least one side of A4 paper in neat, joined-up writing in pencil . Their work should contain few spelling mistakes, be correctly punctuated (paragraphing, capital letters and full stops). Additionally, composition work should be appropriate in style and correctly structured. This part of the exam is very important - especially for boys, who must achieve a minimum of 50% in this paper even to be considered for a place at Devonport High School for Boys.

4) The familiarisation test is intended for pupils who may have received no 11+ tuition and consists of a small sample of multiple choice maths and English questions. It is not taken into consideration for the 11+ exam.

Further information
More details can be obtained by telephoning the seceretary of the Plymouth Grammar Schools and by visiting the schools' web sites.

Other useful contacts
If you have questions about the LA’s admissions policy, you can contact the School Admissions Department by telephoning Plymouth City Council on 01752 668000 or 01752 307469 (direct line)

Devonport High School for Boys (website) 01752 208 787

Devonport High School for Girls (website) 01752 705 024

Plymouth High School for Girls (website) 01752 208 308

Parent Comment 

"Both children described Graham as being very easy to work with, patient and were keen to express that 'he explained things better than any other teacher' they had encountered."